Catching colds and flus – how to avoid them!

It seems like everyone is catching a cold or flu now that we are in the middle of winter. If you have children, they seem to pick up every single virus going around school and bring it home, then your employees or workmates are away on sick leave, and everyone is always talking about the

6 Best Exercises Anybody Can Do

6 Best Exercises Anybody Can Do

What are the 6 best exercises anybody can do? I was asked this question by a client recently and initially, my mind was filled with all of the challenging lifts and movements that could be done in a well outfitted training facility.  But unless “everyone” had access to such a place or access to the

6 Hibiscus Coast Nutrition Lies That Are Making You Sick And Fat

Hibiscus Coast Nutrition

Nutrition is a central component to your health, whether you pay attention to it or not. The same nutrition lies that make the rest of the world sick and fat affect residents of the Hibiscus Coast as well. Cultural norms embed each of these myths, which are now “the standard” when it comes to nutritional

Kombucha Gelatin Gummies Recipe

Gelatin Gummies

If you had some success brewing the kombucha in our February newsletter then you may now be suffering from kombucha overload but fear not! Here is a recipe for kombucha gelatin gummies for you to use up some of that spare kombucha… Gelatin makes a great healthy substitute for store bought jellies and you can